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MicroPact Inc., Kris Collo, CEO, President and Founder:
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MicroPact and Case Management: Past, Present and Future

Case Management solutions are being embraced by an ever-expanding universe of enterprises across industries—from healthcare and higher education to energy and finance—as forward-thinking organizations look beyond transactional systems toward more dynamic, outcome-oriented solutions. As the global leader in Data-First™ Case Management and Business Process Management (BPM) software, MicroPact stands on the forefront of this ongoing shift.

Gartner Research insightfully points out, Case Management systems and the work they orchestrate are no longer the exclusive domain of government, legal and insurance enterprises—but that’s where Case Management began. It’s also where MicroPact’s entellitrak® began nearly a decade ago. The entellitrak platform was developed as a secure COTS Case Management solution to serve the needs of security conscious U.S. federal agencies. Today, MicroPact software is used by 97% of federal agencies with more than 500 employees, by state and local governments, as well as Fortune 500 corporations.

By their very nature, Case Management systems are data intensive— they are aggregations of structured and unstructured data that knowledge workers interact with and guide toward the goal of delivering effective and appropriate outcomes. This goal can’t be achieved if the information isn’t correct or comprehensive. That’s why entellitrak takes a Data-First approach to application development—because cases are data-centric. States, events, policies and processes are layered on in an iterative, agile manner. The ability of the solution to engage in a continual, layered development cycle is a core requirement of an adaptive Case Management system. Over the last couple of years with the advent of BPM 2.0, the systems of traditional BPM vendors have begun to incorporate this more event-driven orientation as well—further fueling interest in Case Management.

The true power of Case Management is in the harnessing of structured and unstructured data. Case Management offers enterprises an analytical gold mine that can be unlocked through the employment of robust document management as well as advanced business analytics capabilities. This is where Case Management’s future lies.

The entellitrak platform features fully integrated Document Management and Natural Language Analytics modules in order to empower decision making at multiple levels of an organization—from front-line knowledge workers to the executive suite.

The Natural Language Analytics module provides self-service business intelligence (BI) to enterprise users and is integrated at the core level of the entellitrak platform. The analytics tool has access to 100 percent of the data managed within the application, and provides immediate operational intelligence to business users because they have the ability to look at key measures; see distribution by dimensions; and slice, dice, filter, sort, and search—all from a single page.

With the ability to perform rich exploratory analysis on an ad-hoc basis, users can dig deeper, learn more, and react faster than ever before. That, beyond a doubt, is good for every organization looking to succeed. And it is good for the future of Case Management.

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