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Keith Berg, General Manager, Upland Software: Top Five Trends for The Contact Center in 2020

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Top Five Trends for The Contact Center in 2020

Being a progressive industry driven by innovation and new technology, we can expect to see several trends emerging this year that propel the industry forward and have a significant impact on customer experience and agent productivity.

1. Live engagement customer service
To meet customer expectations, modern businesses are now adopting live engagement tools that help improve service through real-time communication and harness the voice channel in new and interesting ways. These tools help both the customer and the agent stay on the same page and increase first-time resolutions tenfold.

2. Contextualized omni-channel support
Every contact center agent should have a 360-degree view of each customer’s journey regardless of the channel. And all channels should have equal access to information and knowledge.

3. An increase in self-service automation
The way customers seek support and their expectation for what they should be able to do themselves continues to evolve.

4. AI-assisted customer service
With Artificial Intelligence, contact centers and their agents will be faster, smarter, and capable of delivering better customer service than ever before.

5. Real-time insights & analytics
By using complex data algorithms and machine learning, emerging analytics will be able to tell the business more about their customers than ever before.

About Upland Software

For contact centers who need to improve productivity and drive customer loyalty, the Upland Contact Center Productivity suite is a comprehensive software solution that empowers agents with easy access to CRM information, knowledge, and real-time customer sentiment to drive focused engagement. For more information about the Upland Software Contact Center Productivity, contact us here.

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