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ISYS, CEO, Scott Coles: View from the Top

The Mandate of Instant Insight

As the analyst community continues its diligent work on tracking enterprise search, what’s clear from our perspective is that fu-ture market growth will be driven by innovations in text analytics and federated analysis of content stores. No, this isn’t breaking news, and it doesn’t mean that commodity enterprise search goes away.  But if our customer base is any indication, today’s requirements have almost exclusively moved away from “search as convenience” to the “mandate of instant insight.”

As it pertains to text analytics, Sybase is one of the driving forces, and ISYS is pleased to be playing a key role in helping shape the direction of text analytics in general and the Sybase IQ platform specifically.  As an official OEM partner of the ISYS Document Filters text extraction technology, Sybase is helping its customers make sense of their large stores of unstructured content, which is no small task for most organizations.

Since the introduction of ISYS Document Filters in 2009, we’ve learned a great deal from implementations that are serving broad applications and use cases. In fact, the innovations we’re actively infusing into our text extraction capabilities are being shaped by those experiences. The applications that ISYS Document Filters help drive give us just a glimpse of how text analytics is evolving and how today’s innovators are approaching the “mandate of instant insight” challenge.

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