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Hyland, creator of OnBase, Bill Priemer, President and CEO:
View From the Top

The volume and variety of corporate information is accelerating at warp speed. The need for organizations to manage and leverage information in real-time is critical. To lead in the marketplace, large corporations must service customers with the agility of a small business. No longer is information measured by the linear foot of file cabinet space, but by terabytes of data. Agility is required to turn managed information into an asset, and not a liability.

In the world of enterprise content management (ECM), the “scan, store, retrieve” solutions of the past now offer only a piece of the modern information management puzzle. Even traditional ECM workflow may no longer handle the multitude of content types and structured data needs required by today’s business.

Today’s businesses require a broader set of capabilities for ingesting structured and unstructured content, managing it, storing it and making it accessible. Making that critical business information available through cloud-based deployments, on mobile devices, and to third-parties through portals are just some of the requirements in today’s breakneck-paced world where service levels are measured in seconds, not days or weeks.

Since 1991, Hyland, creator of OnBase has simplified the way people work and helped organizations get the most out of their information. Our latest release, OnBase 15, offers a “Business Agility Platform” that extends beyond the bounds of traditional ECM.

Case management is key

While still the foundation of the platform, ECM is joined by our world-class OnBase Case Management offering. Case Management enables organizations to manage structured and unstructured data in a single, configurable system, to perform task-driven processes, and often, to replace siloed niche applications while consolidating IT infrastructure.

No structure, no problem

OnBase AnyDoc data capture stands as another pillar of the Business Agility Platform, offering advanced capture capabilities for those processes that remain paper-centric but require automation functions such as document classification and automated data entry. Whether leveraged as a standalone or in conjunction with OnBase ECM and/or Case Management, OnBase AnyDoc offers customers improved efficiencies and the ability to more nimbly handle those tasks that still require paper handling.

Proven on the Cloud

Key to the Business Agility Platform’s value is the ability to leverage OnBase in the cloud. Having launched our cloud offering in 2003, OnBase has 12 years of experience serving cloud-based customers. This uniquely positions our solutions for today’s business needs, whether an organization sees the cloud as simply a means to eliminate infrastructure management or a strategy for agile enablement for a global user base.

Our Users are Mobile

Today’s information consumer is on the go. Smart phones and tablets have become ubiquitous. Whether it’s a physician seeking patient information at a hospital or an insurance field adjuster arriving at a claim site, mobile devices enabled with OnBase can help your users capture and view information, and even interact with key business processes on the go.

Industry Focus

All of the capabilities mentioned above need to be tailored to the specialized requirements of different industry segments. We’ve enhanced our solution with vertical-specific applications in healthcare, insurance, higher education, government, financial services and commercial markets in addition to custom integrations with industry leading line of business systems.

The complexity of gaining access to the world’s information with ever increasing speed demands a Business Agility Platform. Whether starting in a single department or leveraging across the enterprise, OnBase stands alone with its suite of applications to meet the information and business process management needs of organizations, today and 10 years from now. On the go and in the cloud, OnBase enables organizations to nimbly respond to today’s customer’s needs while managing the information explosion across the enterprise.

For additional information, please visit OnBase.com.

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