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Harnessing the capabilities of AI in real and meaningful ways - Pryon

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Pryon: Just Know Now

Pryon answers natural-language questions in milliseconds with the highest accuracy by learning the verifiable information in your existing, secure knowledge bases; deployment in weeks— No model training, coding, or rules.

Pryon Now

♦ Solving KM hurdles: mid-size companies spend, on average, 35,000 hours searching for knowledge, costing >$1.1M in lost productivity and expenses.

   ♦ Time-Saving: Pryon provides employees and customers with accurate answers quickly, giving your workforce back 90% of their time and saving your clients the headache.

   ♦ Employee Retention: 80% of enterprise workers want tools that support searching, sharing, and accessing answers. 50% of enterprise workers would switch jobs if it gave them better search tools.

♦ Unlike traditional LLM models, Pryon’s multi-modal Deep Confidential Language Learning Model (DCLLM) is explicitly built for security, accuracy, and verifiable access to proprietary knowledge.

   ♦ Traditional LLMs, like GPT-3.5, leverage open-source models, ideal for content creation and general exploration, but generate unverifiable, often inaccurate responses leaving proprietary data susceptible to leakage.

   ♦ Pryon’s LLM (next-gen Transformer technology) is designed with security and traceability top of mind; no risk of proprietary data leakage or outside knowledge contaminating results.

♦ Pryon’s extractive AI delivers precise, succinct answers, providing source content so you’ll have context and attribution.

Pryon in 2023

♦ Additional conversational and generative AI capabilities will improve the human-like experience of Pryon while remaining true to our emphasis on accuracy, veracity, traceability, and security.

♦ Building granular security into our platform; depending on user’s credentials and access levels, there will be “word level” security that can support rules for content redaction.

Market Observations

♦ High-security and governmental agencies are harnessing the capabilities of AI in real and meaningful ways.

♦ Security and veracity of AI are meeting the hype, and those leveraging AI’s productivity and discoverability enhancements while maintaining deep confidence in its methods will drive change across critical industries.

Product Spotlight

Pryon’s enterprise-level LLM securely ingests content, duplicating and vectorizing key text, images, and tables, fusing them into a complete knowledge fabric that can field natural-language queries with responses in milliseconds. For example, Pryon’s technology overhauled the KM system for a Fortune 500 energy client’s Outage and Management Services Org, bringing mission-critical answers to support technicians in milliseconds from over 30M highly technical documents.

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