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Driving smart business decisions with actionable knowledge - Metaphacts

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Reaching scalable, data-driven business decisions is still a struggle for most organizations today. Decisions are usually preceded by long document reviews, are based on results from outdated software solutions, are delayed because specific domain experts need to be involved, and are untransparent and unexplainable because they rely on undocumented domain expertise or instinct.

Many enterprises have identified semantic knowledge graphs as the foundation for driving knowledge democratization and unlocking the value of their data to power smart business decisions. Knowledge graph-driven apps deliver meaningful and actionable insights that put companies ahead of the competition. But while the benefits of knowledge graphs have become clear, organizations still struggle to involve domain experts in capturing their domain knowledge in such systems.

metaphactory tackles this challenge by delivering a lowcode, knowledge management platform that supports semantic knowledge modeling and knowledge generation and enables on-demand citizen access to consumable, contextual, and actionable knowledge through intuitive semantic search, exploration, and discovery interfaces.

Semantic knowledge modeling is key

With metaphactory, customers empower domain experts and business users to explicitly capture domain-specific knowledge across functions and use cases, while collaborating with ontologists and taxonomists to ensure technical soundness of the assets.

Knowledge becomes a human-understandable and machine-executable shared asset that can be consumed by all relevant people, processes, or tools in the enterprise. This knowledge helps streamline processes, reduce clutter, yield accurate search results, and power traceable and sustainable business decisions.

Enriching explicit knowledge with derived knowledge

This explicit knowledge can be enriched with knowledge learned or derived via machine learning, reasoning, or other techniques. By enriching the semantic knowledge model with information on decision models, metaphactory enables decision makers to move from repetitive daily decisions to a decision intelligence solution that does not only provide deep, contextual analytics but also decision support, continuous intelligence, and decision automation.

About metaphacts

metaphacts is a German software company that empowers customers to drive knowledge democratization and decision intelligence using knowledge graphs. Customers in pharma and life sciences, engineering and manufacturing, energy, finance and insurance, retail, or cultural heritage leverage metaphactory to build intelligent solutions for omics data management, clinical trial scoping, digital twin, product lifecycle management, technical documentation, fraud detection, cultural archives, and many more.


Contact: info@metaphacts.com 

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