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Content Analyst, President & CEO, Kurt Michel: View from the Top

As the amount of unstructured information continues to grow, the need for technology to manage this information effectively is clear. The ability to quickly and easily organize data is only the be-ginning: businesses need to provide knowledge workers with intuitive tools that facilitate the retrieval of actionable information so they can make informed decisions.

The Content Analyst Analytics Technology platform (CAAT), which has been built on our patented technology, offers a wide range of advanced text analytics and conceptual search capabilities. CAAT has a proven track record for speeding legal review in eDiscovery, enabling “mission-critical” intelligence gathering, analyzing market research data, managing intellectual property assets, and much more.

The CAAT platform incorporates a broad range of distinct functions:  clustering, categorization, email threading, near-dup and language ID to organize; keyword, cross-lingual, and concept search to find and discover. Content Analyst Company provides all of these capabilities through a unified platform that focuses on ease of integration—this allows our partners to incorporate a range of advanced capabilities into their core product more efficiently and reduce the cost and effort associated with supporting multiple third party technologies. 

As Content Analyst continues to expand our capabilities and enable 3rd party applications in new vertical markets, we remain mindful that technology by itself does not ensure success. We deliver our proven, well-documented CAAT platform using tested methodologies that ensure the successful transfer of the knowledge our partners need to integrate and deploy advanced analytics in ways that deliver measurable value to their customers.

Content Analyst Company, LLC
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