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Content Analyst Company, Kurt Michel, President & CEO: View From the Top

Organizations in all industries are burdened by the challenge of organizing and managing Big Data. The amount of unstructured electronic content being created, stored, and shared continues to grow at exponential rates. This growth has overwhelmed traditional methods used to organize and deliver content to the right users.

Content Analyst Company's advanced analytics engine, CAATTM, is a powerful and flexible solution that was designed to be integrated into existing solutions and enable our partners to identify, organize and find valuable information in vast, unstructured Big Data collections. CAAT's ability to address the challenges created by the huge volumes of information has been proven by dozens of our partners in the US Government, eDiscovery and Information Governance communities.

The growing volumes of data involved in today's legal matters and the increased costs associated with the traditional linear review, along with judiciary validation of our technology's effectiveness, increased the adoption of analytics in 2012. The use of Advanced Analytics technology will continue to be more prevalent in all phases of discovery from Intelligent Case Analysis through Review and Production.

By leveraging advanced analytics, knowledge managers and infomediaries can deploy an example-based auto-categorization process that conceptually understands the desired categories. With a higher level of precision, and in multiple languages, organizations can dramatically benefit from improved organization, collaboration, sharing and findability of relevant content across divisional, geographic, and language barriers. Leveraging the greatest degree of categorization accuracy will allow solution providers to deliver more effective document and records management solutions to knowledge managers.

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