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Connotate, Keith Cooper CEO: View From the Top

The Web is an ever-expanding source of valuable knowledge and content. Companies that can efficiently access, structure and analyze Web data are much better positioned to streamline workflows to improve margins, experience organic growth, and offer new products and services faster than the competition.

As the leading provider of Web data monitoring and extraction solutions, Connotate gives businesses the ability to efficiently transform Web content into powerful information assets. Connotate's patented technology scales faster and easier than scripts or toolkits, saving you time and money. It is much more resilient to Web site changes, reducing maintenance costs. A built-in management layer provides workflow support to boost operational productivity.

If you need to... rapidly build and deploy data extraction for complex applications, collect high volumes of data, automatically detect changes to the base data set or support applications that access password-protected, Deep Web and difficult-to-access sites... then you need Connotate.

Industry leaders including the Associated Press, Thomson Reuters, Alacra, Shopzilla and Sigma Aldrich and  are leveraging our solutions for news ingestion, price optimization, online reporting, monitoring supply chain and distributor channels and more.

Connotate is committed to delivering the best Web data extraction and monitoring solutions on the market today. Web data is our #1 focus.

Contact Connotate today to find out how to leverage our expertise to support your business goals. For more information, call +1.732. 296.8844 or visit http://www.connotate.com

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