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Concept Searching, CEO/CTO, John Challis: View from the Top

Achieving Business Objectives with Enterprise Metadata Management

Traditionally, there has been a one dimensional ap-proach to solving business problems with technology. A myriad of solutions are available that solve a specific problem, such as improving search, records management, or compliance, but are typically narrowly focused and not adaptable outside the boundaries of the application. This leaves organizations in a continual state of flux trying to achieve incremental improvements to achieve specific business outcomes.

This mindset appears to be slowly changing as there is a growing awareness in organizations to look beyond addressing a single business challenge and solve the fundamental problem that prohibits progress. The unrealistic expectation that users follow organizationally defined procedures to determine where a document should be stored, how long it should be preserved, who has access to the document and how it can be used has failed. The inability to find, use, and protect data assets is now becoming a boardroom priority that carries financial repercussions and impacts business agility.

Concept Searching’s technologies are still unique in the marketplace. The three primary components of the technology suite that provide an enterprise extensible framework are the ability to automatically generate semantic metadata, auto-classify content, and develop controlled vocabularies and taxonomies. The combined functionality provides the structure for on-going management and the ability to rapidly adapt to organizational changes. This approach is successfully enabling organizations to improve search, records management and compliance; enforce governance; and dramatically improve a broad set of business processes resulting in reduced organizational risk and achievement of quantifiable business objectives.

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