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ABBYY USA, CEO, Dean Tang: View from the Top

In 2010, OCR and data capture technologies were integrated into mo-bile applications at a frantic pace. The year represented a significant step forward for knowledge management with large, established organizations as the primary adopters and drivers of innovation. In the coming year, we expect to see greater growth, as well as organizations of all sizes realizing the advantages of data capture and OCR. This will be driven by the technologies becoming more accessible via new mobile applications and the cloud. 

For knowledge workers in small- and mid-sized organizations, 2011 will see new mobile business applications unveiled to leverage data capture and OCR and specifically address your needs. You will be able to perform ad hoc data capture or translation projects in the cloud for minimal fees. The increase of information processing devices will enable you to make faster, more informed decisions while reducing overhead. Greater access to data capture and OCR development tools will enable new ways of communicating with your customers and the automation of internal processes, delivering real benefits to the bottom line.

Here at ABBYY, we are very excited by the possibilities for 2011.  Mobile applications and cloud-based services open up knowledge management concepts to markets that have previously struggled to find value in them. The continued mobile innovation and emergence of the cloud will make mobile devices true business tools, reducing hurdles that have limited organizations in the past, increasing remote worker productivity and streamlining communication.

Because of this, I believe that mobile applications and the cloud will drive our industry in 2011 and beyond.

ABBYY USA Software House, Inc.
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