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Zach Wahl, CEO, Enterprise Knowledge discusses Fueling Artificial Intelligence with KM Foundations- Leveraging the People, Process, Content, Culture, and Technology of KM to Achieve AI

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It’s an exciting time in KM. Long-promised technologies, including ontologies, graph databases, auto-categorization, and enterprise search have matured to the point where they can truly meet the needs of organizations as well as the individual business goals of their employees.

I’ve always held that the field of KM, though business critical, has suffered from an inability to demonstrate value in focused and tangible ways. Key efforts including taxonomy, content governance, social knowledge programs, content types design, and tacit knowledge capture all provide value to an organization, potentially yielding significant efficiencies, improved collaboration and knowledge retention, and more innovation. Unfortunately, many of these key programs exist too much behind the scenes, without sufficient visibility and demonstrable business value.

This results in too many KM efforts having to fight for their existence, supplanted by the latest technology promising a solution to an organization’s woes. However, these technologies, when integrated properly and with the appropriate KM foundations, can provide significant business returns.

The foundational efforts organizations put into effective design of process and content, mapping and transferring the knowledge of their people, and creating a culture of knowledge sharing can now be exposed via the latest technologies.

Today, we’re helping organizations implement ontologies that map structured and unstructured content, graph databases that discover relationships, and search to put the user at the center of their own findability experience. All of this drives the future, setting the stage for KM as the key foundational element for Artificial Intelligence.
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