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What’s ahead at KMWorld 2019: Q&A with Jane Dysart, KMWorld 2019 conference chair, and founding partner and curator of curiosity, Dysart & Jones

KMWorld is an international gathering place targeted at experts and practitioners in knowledge and information management who seek to make their organizations more effective, collaborative, and innovative through knowledge sharing. Since 2000, Information Today, Inc. has been bringing together thought leaders, experienced practitioners, authors, and storytellers at KMWorld, the largest and most respected knowledge management event in the world.

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Conference chair Jane Dysart recently reflected on the importance of the annual event and shared what’s ahead for attendees at KMWorld 2019, which will be held Nov. 4–7 at the JW Marriott Washington, D.C.

KMWorld: What makes the KMWorld conference a can’t-be-missed event? 

Jane Dysart: The people, both the speakers and the attendees. At KMWorld, we provide a variety of in-person opportunities for colleagues dealing with the same issues to meet and interact: in-depth workshops, complimentary breakfasts and lunches, showcase receptions, community-of-interest meetups, and the very popular Knowledge Café built around discussion tables on particular topics facilitated by experienced KM practitioners.

KMW: “Knowledge Sharing in the Age of New Technologies” is the theme of the conference this year. What is changing in government organizations and enterprises that will make this theme resonate strongly with attendees?

JD: Our world and our organizations are changing at unprecedented rates, with technology and societal changes being two of the key drivers. KMWorld 2019 is all about enabling people in various enterprises, businesses, government entities, and non-governmental organizations such as nonprofits, to change and improve their processes and activities for success; incorporate useful technology to streamline their efforts; and become more flexible, agile, and resilient to meet customer needs and global pressures. Our thought leaders, speakers, and attendees will provide many opportunities to learn, gain insights, and find solutions that can be brought back to organizations. Continuous change requires experimenting, trying new things, and applying learnings from others.

KMW: How is that theme reflected in this year’s presentations and tracks?

JD: KMWorld always provides a robust program which includes Taxonomy Boot Camp, Enterprise Search & Discovery, Text Analytics Forum, and Office 365 Symposium. Key themes include building strong foundations for digital success—whether with taxonomies and metadata or machine learning and AI; utilizing knowledge graphs for natural language search and beyond; creating flexible people-centric organizations with Office 365; digital workspace transformation; elements and practices for strong KM programs; designing creative ideation and innovation programs; practical tools for KM in a new tech age; and more.

KMW: There are three tracks plus additional co-located events—Taxonomy Boot Camp, Enterprise Search & Discovery, Text Analytics Forum, and Office 365 Symposium—as well as a day of preconference workshops. What is the role of each of these components and how do they combine to enhance the attendee experience?

JD: The KMWorld program brings together the many facets affecting organizational success. It allows attendees to focus on several or many issues and challenges they face in their enterprises—search, collaboration, data management, and text analytics; easy-to-use tools to enhance knowledge sharing and decision making; streamlined digital workspaces; and the ability to put established practices into action. The sessions provide panel discussions, strategies, case studies, and practical solutions while the workshops provide more in-depth and interactive opportunities to discuss issues, challenges, and tools for the future.

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