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What Drives Change in Knowledge Sharing? (Video)

Video produced by Steve Nathans-Kelly

At KMWorld 2019, Jody Turner, author, "GLIMPSE: Understanding the Future Marketplace," discussed the cultural and human factors driving the evolution of knowledge sharing. Turner shared insights into how our minds have changed, how society has shifted in response, and where knowlege sharing is going amidst continuous generational and cultural evolution. 

"Knowledge sharing in the age of new technologies is being led by culture," said Turner. "Now, my business is Culture of Future: what is the culture we're building that we're going to be living into tomorrow? And, for me, my mission is influence for future betterment," she said.

"Many of you may be B2B, but understanding B2C or just simply C, or human, really is how we look at the future, and we respond to how people are using our technologies," said Turner, noting, "Current, past, plus current equals future." To be able to anticipate the future it is necessary to look back at the trends that prevailed before, she emphasized. And, to understand what to expect, companies need to understand new ways of sharing information. Communities are bringing together hybrid information from a bottom up approach.

"There's a new book just out that addresses the whole Gen Y model: What you do is who you are today, and to explain that, in the past, a Boomer had the 'Have, Do, Be' model. You have to have money to make money to do what you love, or just to do, or just to be, you have to have money, and you have to build that over time. Retire to be who you truly want to be. The 'Be, Do, Have' model of Gen Y is be who you are now. A DJ? That may change. Are you going to be an artist? Be now. GoFundMe, Kickstarter, Indiegogo. Be who you are now. Do what you believe in and love, and define what having is to you."

It doesn't have to be a "Keeping Up with the Joneses" competition, said Turner. "It can be a redefinition of having, and this is why we have niche, direct delivery, and we have our whole resale models that are now just engines and engines of allowing us to choose what having is."

Turner also referenced the creative process behind the hit song, “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X. The song surfaced on the social media app TikTok and combined a host of information from different sources including established beats, the TikTok app, and country singer Billy Ray Cyrus.

Knowledge sharing in the age of new technologies is being led by culture, people, and context, Turner explained. Varieties of interface options supporting people in their niche interests will prevail. Companies will adapt to excel.

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