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Waving the flag of integration at AIIM

All of the announcements out of this spring's AIIM show could not be contained in one issue, so consider this part two of the hot items KMWorld editors saw on the show floor in Anaheim, CA.

One hot theme at the show--the integration of technological components--was led by the largest vendors who possess the size, products and willingness to tie components together. Specifically and separately, FileNet (www.filenet.com) and Microsoft (www.microsoft.com) seemed to carry this flag.

Microsoft's Site Server 3.0 intranet platform was endorsed by various vendors as the intranet platform of choice.

"Site Server provides a strong infrastructure that application vendors can build on," said Jeetu Patel, VP of research at Doculabs (www.doculabs.com). "For example, using Site Server will enable document management systems to manage Web content and Web sites, not just internal documents."

Microsoft also signed an agreement with Documentum (www.documentum. com) to implement global marketing, development and support programs.

FileNet's newest version of IDM Desktop 2.0 provides expanded support for Web server products and new search features.

"The software will enable our ISV community to create more tailored solutions in a variety of industries," said Martyn Christian, VP of product marketing.

Continuing with integrated product news, Xionics (www.xionics.com) and VisionShape (www.visionshape.com) displayed a VisionShape scanner bundled with Xionics' image controllers and SeaScan software.

StorageTek (www.storagetek.com), which announced an agreement with FileNet to integrate their products as archival tools, showed off its Application Storage Manager software. ASM enables customers to archive and access documents, images and data from virtually any front end.

Here is an alphabetical shot at filling the gaps from our last issue:

Adaptive Solutions (www.asi.com) showed off its new EntryLink line of data entry products. EntryLink Bridge is an upgrade for current Kodak OCR subsystem customers; EntryLink Enterprise is designed for Kodak microfilm and scanner users.

ByteQuest (www.bytequest.com) unveiled InterQuest, an Internet/intranet based integrated document and image management system for use with Microsoft BackOffice.

Datacap (www.datacap.com) released Paper Keyboard 97 data entry and imaging solution and Task Master Version 2.1 workflow management software.

DISC (www.disc.com) unveiled the Orioni series of optical storage systems, which can hold up to 32 5.2-GB optical drives.

Eastman Software (www.eastman software.com) released a host of products at the show: Imaging for Windows Professional Edition Version 2.0, Imaging Server for Windows NT Version 1.4, WorkFolder for Microsoft Exchange Version 1.1, Workflow Connector for the World Wide Web and Eastman Software COLD Version 3.1.

Kanematsu USA (www.kanematsuusa.com) and its business partner Nippon Techno Lab introduced HiOP, a hardware and software mass-storage management solution.

Lead Technologies (www.leadtools. com) displayed LeadTools Version 9.0 imaging toolkit and a new version of its LeadTools Pro Express OCR module.

Micropal (www.micropalcorp.com) unveiled its MicroFile document imaging and management software solution, which will be released in Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions.

Mitek (www.miteksys.com) unveiled Version 2.1 of its Premier Forms Processor Pro 32-bit forms processing solution.

Norsam (www.norsam.com) unveiled its HD Rosetta disks, which can store 95,000 analog images on a single 2-in. metal disk.

Panasonic (www.panasonic.com) unveiled the SL90, a 19-in. monitor with true dot pitch of 0.25mm and a maximum resolution of 1,600 x 1,280 at 71 Hz.

Pioneer (www.pioneerusa.com) displayed its DVR-S101 DVD drive and the 100-disc DVD-ROM jukebox.

Plasmon (www.plasmon.com) displayed its M Series line of MO jukeboxes, including the M500, which holds 500 5.25-in. disks for a whopping total capacity of 2.6 terabytes.

PowerScan (www.pwrscan.com) released PowerScan 4.2, an NT compatible version of its image capture software, and an upgraded post-scan processing software, StageWork 3.2.2.

Ricoh (www.ricoh-usa.com), which touted its positioning as the leader in digital copier market share, unveiled the 400-dpi Aficio FX 10 Digital Copier and Printer built to TWAIN standards.

Smart Storage (www.smartstorage. com) released Smart CD V. 3.0 at the show, featuring a new Universal Disk Format file system that will allow users to transparently store and retrieve data on CD and DVD. To the user, disparate storage media will appear and function like a network hard disk.

Optical and tape storage management software vendor, Tracer Technologies (www.tracertech.com) demonstrated its new tape library and CD-R support. Now a single Tracer license can manage CD-ROM, optical and tape libraries.

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