View From the Top: Xythos Software

Protecting enterprise content and simplifying how it is managed and shared is a challenge many organizations face today. Users have outgrown email as a collaboration tool and now want easy to use Web 2.0 solutions at work. IT organizations must embrace web services and provide tools which compel employees to collaborate. This will enable businesses to better respond to compliance requirements, improve information discoverability and re-use and ultimately become more responsive and competitive in the marketplace.

As an award-winning provider of secure document management and collaboration technology, Xythos Software meets today’s challenges with all the components distributed organizations need to manage and share content. Designed to work with applications and processes users already know, Xythos helps accelerate adoption, aid compliance and reduce support requirements. IT teams appreciate Xythos because it helps them gain better control, enabling content centralization, protection and governance. End users like Xythos because they can get their jobs done easier—no matter where they are or who they need to work together with.

Xythos continues to take the lead in developing JSR-170-compliant content repositories and software as a service SaaS ECM solutions. Xythos’ DoD 5015.2 certified Records Management Module helps businesses better manage risk, enabling document classification and records declaration in one easy-to-use web application. Xythos helped pioneer offline document collaboration with its Xythos Drive technology and is continuing to advance all aspects of document collaboration on the Web.

Xythos’ products are licensed to millions of users at commercial, government, and education organizations around the world. For more information, visit www.xythos.com to learn how Xythos is making online document management safer and easier for everyone.

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