View From the Top: SAVO

The days of the sales portal are over.

Advances in technology and emerging trends in community-driven web platforms have changed the ways we communicate, manage, and share knowledge.  As organizations continue to address key knowledge management challenges, one-way communication platforms are being eclipsed every day by tools that  facilitate richer dialogues and leverage the collective wisdom of experts throughout the organization.

SAVO’s award-winning on-demand application offers more than just knowledge management. As the industry’s leading provider of sales enablement solutions, SAVO maximizes a sales organization’s ability to communicate value and differentiation in clear, consistent, and compelling ways.

By harnessing the collective genius of the entire organization, by sharing best-in-class insights from experts across the enterprise, and by driving that expertise into every customer conversation, SAVO delivers profound front-line results to companies of all sizes.

Through a powerful user interface, SAVO enables everyone in the organization to: contribute content, insights, and feedback, regardless of role; rate the quality, relevance, and effectiveness of content through star ratings, comments, and usage statistics; promote or "push" the most appropriate content to sellers via targeted subscriptions and smartlists; harvest the best information for specific selling situations and ongoing refinement; and personalize materials to maximize the impact, without compromising your brand.

Want to harness the collective genius of your organization so your sellers Never Sell Alone? Visit SAVO to learn more:

The SAVO Group
525 West Van Buren, Suite 1100
Chicago IL 60607
Phone: 312.506.1700

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