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View From the Top: Northern Light

Northern Light provides its SinglePoint strategic research portals as a custom hosted solution to the largest and most research-driven enterprises in the world. Northern Light SinglePoint aggregates internal primary market research, licensed secondary market research studies from scores of market research firms, news, trade journals, and the Web into a single comprehensive solution. A typical SinglePoint has 10 external market research sources, several internal research repositories, a business news feed, and is used by 30,000 employees. Northern Light provides strategic research portals to global organizations in many industries. Examples of our current clients include the:

  • Largest computer equipment manufacturer
  • Largest enterprise technology services provider
  • Largest enterprise networking equipment provider
  • Largest mobile handset manufacturer
  • Largest financial software developer
  • Largest security software developer
  • Largest telephone network operator
  • Largest market research provider
  • Largest disk drive manufacturer
  • Largest research-drivenpharmaceutical company

The benefits of an integratedresearch portal are many: increased access to market research enterprise-wide, solution to the problem of scattered internal repositories, increased utilization of subscriptions to external sources, reduced time searching for relevant material, and more time for higher-value activities such as analyzing the information.

SinglePoint implementations include content aggregation, search technology, taxonomy solutions, text analytics solutions, Enterprise 2.0 solutions, portal user interface, user account system, document security and authentication system, alerting, and reporting. Northern Light is pioneering the automated extraction of meaning from large repositories of market research content with our MI Analyst add-on to SinglePoint.
Contact Northern Light at sales-one@northernlight.com or at www.northernlight.com or call 617-674-2074.

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