View From the Top: Mediasurface

Mediasurface is a global provider of web content management designed to allow business users to easily manage their internet, intranet and extranet websites. Utilizing familiar, intuitive interfaces, our solutions deliver unrivaled content management and enterprise search capabilities while powering sophisticated, content-driven websites for Global 1000 companies and thousands of sites for small and medium sizes businesses.

Mediasurface has built its reputation by delivering the world’s most user-friendly office application for web content management; one that both IT and business can rely on, one that’s robust enough to handle some of the most sophisticated websites in the world and one that users simply love to use! Indeed, Gartner recently described Morello as a "work of art" while Google voted us "Best ECM Partner" 2007.

Based on over a decade of technology innovation, Morello gives non IT professionals the ability to build, deploy, manage and contribute to
sophisticated websites with zero technical skills via a very familiar and easy to use Microsoft style interface. It allows business users to concentrate on making websites as effective and relevant to audiences as possible while allowing IT departments to add value instead of content! Our customers are able see a rapid return on their investment by rolling out new web applications and managing existing sites without programs of expensive user training or prolonged implementations. It includes a host of powerful facilities such as Instant Site (create a brand new site in 10 clicks), Page Studio (edit the design of a webpage on the fly) plus specialized connectors delivering facilities like Google Search Appliance, MOSS connectivity, web analytics and e-commerce.

Lawrence Flynn, CEO of Mediasurface, comments, "With Morello we’re constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of content management. Our vision is to empower the business user to combine the management and control of their content with the ability to build rich internet solutions—compelling web applications combining business functionality with state of the art interfaces that deliver up to the minute, relevant content in a carefully controlled environment."

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