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The Document as Application: The Convergence of Document Publishing and Application Development.

The worlds of document publishing and application development are converging around a new approach for information creation, collaboration, and delivery—the lines are blurring between content and data, and documents and applications. In this new world, the document becomes the application—it’s no longer a snapshot in time, but a dynamic document.

This approach blends the advantages of traditional documents (rich context, persistence, portability) with those of business applications (live data, interactive user experience) and addresses the pervasive business dilemma of how to best inform people. Working with business applications alone, users get the latest data, but little context and limited portability. Meanwhile, documents provide users the big picture in a simple and portable format, but no interactivity, and the data they include is often stale as soon as the documents are published. Dynamic document applications provide the best of both worlds, giving users an interactive, real-time, fully contextual view of their business.

Based on JustSystems’ XMetaL and xfy (pronounced "x-fie") product lines, dynamic document capabilities have transformative potential for document-centric business processes in financial services, manufacturing, life sciences, and other industries where data constantly changes, and where working with out-of-date and out-of-context information carries a high price.

According to Melissa Webster, program vice president, Content & Digital Media Technologies, IDC, "Dynamic documents break down the barriers between content and data and documents and applications. By blending the rich context and portability of a document with the live data and interactivity of a business application, the document as applications allows documents to become authoritative sources of information, rather than snapshots in time."
Jake Sorofman is vice president of marketing and business development, North America and EMEA for JustSystems, the largest ISV in Japan and a worldwide leader in XML and information management technologies. Learn more about JustSystems at, and contact Jake at

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