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Knowledge Automation Web sites deliver situation-specific answers to complex questions

Business functions that used to rely on direct human contact are now being delivered via the Web. Standard HTML approaches can answer simple questions, but many questions are too complex for simple answers, especially when the specific requirements of each user must be considered in making decisions. These can only be handled by a system that can interact with a visitor to ask relevant questions, analyze their input using the logic and process of a human expert, and provide advice tailored to that user—just like they were talking to an expert.

Systems built with Exsys Corvid® interact with a site visitor through their web browser in a way that emulates a consultation with human experts. They ask questions dynamically and use an expert’s logic to produce specific, reasoned and tailored advice. Exsys systems can be easily integrated into existing web sites and IT infrastructures to provide automated expert support 24/7. A Web site that provides visitors with individualized answers will attract customers and encourage repeat transactions. Throughout a business, knowledge automation systems make employees more productive, with less training and fewer mistakes.

Exsys systems can automate customer support, ensure regulations are followed consistently, provide pre-sales advice and allow your web site to provide a wide range of answers that your customers and employees need.

Evaluation software, system demos and many case studies are available. Contact Exsys for a Web conference to discuss your knowledge automation needs.
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