View From the Top: Collexis Holdings Inc.

Collexis Holdings, Inc. (CLXS) is a world leader in the development of high definition search and knowledge discovery software. Collexis’ proprietary Fingerprinting technology is quickly becoming the critical tool that the life sciences, government and legal communities are finding indispensable, including Johns Hopkins, Lockheed Martin, Mayo Clinic, the US Department of Defense, Harvard University and the National Institutes of Health.

Collexis search technology builds conceptual profiles of text, called Fingerprints, from documents, websites, e-mails and other digitized content and matches them with a comprehensive list of pre-defined "fingerprinted" concepts to make research results more relevant and efficient. This matching of concepts eliminates the ambiguity and lack of priority often associated with word searches. Collexis can build unique applications to search, index and aggregate information as well as prioritize, trend and predict data based on multiple sources, without the limitations of language or dialect.

Recognizing the synergistic benefits of shared knowledge and expertise, Collexis collaborated with its recently-acquired, long-time German development partner, SyynX Solutions, to design and launch www.biomedexperts.com , the next generation in social networking. Designed to promote collaborative research and development in advancing biomedical science, BioMedExperts (a free service) contains the research profiles of more than 1.4 million life sciences researchers and their 12 million connections spanning more than 120 countries, representing 6 million + publications from 6,500 journals!

Collexis Holdings, Inc. is headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina (USA), with operations in Geldermalsen, The Netherlands and Cologne, Germany.

For more information, please visit www.collexis.com.

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