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2008: The Year of Microsoft SharePoint-centric ECM Solutions

2007 has been another interesting year in the history books for Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

In spite of uncertainty around our national economy and the general business outlook, organizations continued to purchase ECM solutions as they strive to improve the control and manageability of their critical information assets (content), enhance the operational processing environment, and strengthen their internal corporate governance or regulated compliance initiatives.

As we enter 2008, we see that the demand for ECM solutions will continue. Changes in the national economy and business markets will actually increase demand as organizations look for ways to improve business processes and information controls while reducing operating costs at the same time.

However, we believe that 2008 will see a continuation of a new trend that began in 2007 when Microsoft unveiled SharePoint 2007, complete with its ECM functionality and capabilities. More and more business organizations, from small, to medium, to even the large Fortune 1000 companies, are looking to Microsoft-aligned and SharePoint-based ECM solutions for their business application infrastructure. We see this new trend dramatically growing in 2008 as the industry has already witnessed the significant impact that SharePoint 2007 made on the ECM landscape. With Microsoft’s strong presence on the information worker (end user) desktop, to the equally strong presence within the IT infrastructure, it is easy to see why companies are increasingly turning to ECM solutions that fit seamlessly within the Microsoft environment or actually leverage and exploit existing investments and infrastructure toward their ECM initiatives.

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