View From the Top: ABBYY

The Next-Generation of Data Capture, Linguistics and Document Recognition

2008 marks a pivotal year in the ways businesses are able to leverage and use data and information. While accuracy has always been critical in data capture, businesses today have more advanced expectations. They expect more automation, more built-in intelligence, improved accessibility and mobility and more streamlined integration with existing systems. What does 2008 and the future hold?

Users no longer must worry about whether they are dealing with fixed, semi-structured forms, or unstructured documents. An all-in-one data/document capture solution eliminates the need to separate or pre-sort forms and documents prior to processing, whether the document is transactional, services or knowledge based.

The vibrant global e-business economy continues to fuel the worldwide expansion, which drives the demands for leveraging data from paper-based documents. ABBYY recognizes 179 languages to sufficiently meet these global demands.

The installed base of camera phones is more than 1 billion, and expectations show this number will surpass 2 billion units by 2010. Camera phones are becoming ubiquitous capture devices. With the hyper growth of mobile content and services, ABBYY’s mobile data capture technology offers great new growth opportunities for mobiledevice vendors as well as existing data capture, ECM, database and Web 2.0 vendors.

ABBYY strives to deliver the most intelligent document recognition technology that meets the stringent requirements of the new data generation. ABBYY remains at the forefront of these new developments and continues to push the envelope in the ways information is captured, retained, located and shared.

47221 Fremont Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94538
Phone: 510.226.6717

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