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A2iA, Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis, is a software company that operates one of the world’s largest research centers focusing on ways to extract information from everyday paper documents, as well as the worldwide leading developer of Intelligent Word Recognition (IWR) technology. A2iA’s Document Classification, OCR, ICR and IWR recognition engines have been reducing data-entry costs and improving business process automation for over 16 years.

A2iA’s four development tool-kits for document processing share the same core technology:

A2iA CheckReader™
is a set of advanced image analysis and intelligent recognition engines that enables software applications to capture handwritten and machine printed information from all areas of checks, and capture handwritten or machine printed amounts from money orders, deposit slips, remittance coupons and other related documents.

A2iA DocumentReader™ understands how documents are used and what role they play. This first-ever automated data capture and keyword-spotting software for structured and unstructured documents allows for the classification and extraction of the contents in large volumes of handwritten letters and loosely structured fields within forms.

A2iA FieldReader™ captures handwritten or machine printed data within structured documents and forms, such as check boxes, comb boxes, unconstrained handprints, dollar amounts, dates, OMR, etc.

A2iA AddressReader™ recognizes all types of handwritten words and characters from a variety of envelope-types to maximize mail-sorting accuracy and efficiency within incoming / outgoing mail, internal and postal mail operations.

A2iA recognition engines can be used to enhance the forms processing, transaction processing, content management, document management, knowledge management, e-discovery, accounting, online banking, point-of-sale, and remittance systems from leading vendors.

For more information, visit or call +1.917.237.0390.

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