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View From The Top: Valeo Intellectual Property, Greg Jackson, CEO

By developing new, innovative ways to share content while protecting copyrights, Valeo Intellectual Property, Inc. is setting new standards for traditional and digital content rights management.

Corporate Overview

Valeo Intellectual Property (including the former RSiCopyright), has been in business since the 1950s. Valeo is a Latin word meaning strength and wellness. By integrating a suite of tools—all of which enable users to efficiently secure rights to use content—Valeo IP™ provides a comprehensive solution.

Find, Clear & Use

Our content licensing suite of services gives readers the ability to Find, Clear, and Use content the way they want.

  • Find: connecting readers with licensable content

  • Clear: online, or through dedicated direct sales reps

  • Use: high-quality, useful formats, fast

Valeo Permission Service

Valeo IP provides the only web licensing system that is completely online. VPS, our e-commerce engine, generates unique license numbers and instantly formats online articles into PDFs, emails, HTML pages and a variety of other file types. It also provides real-time reports and tracking information.

Valeo EL

The Valeo EL solution provides copyright coverage across our set of publishing partners. Enterprise clients can activate a simple browser tool that provides quick, visual access to instant copyright clearance online. As online copyright infringement becomes a growing concern, companies will look for an enterprise-wide compliance solution. Valeo IP provides the ability to find, clear and use business critical information.

Please contact Valeo IP for more information:

Valeo Intellectual Property

3200 Labore Road

St. Paul, MN 55110

888.ValeoIP (888.825.3647)


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