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View From The Top: Teragram

Teragram Corporation is the market leader in multilingual natural language processing technologies that use the meaning of text to distill relevant information from vast amounts of data. Founded in 1997 by innovators in the field of computational linguistics, Teragram alone offers the speed, accuracy and global language support that customers and partners demand to retrieve and organize growing volumes of digital information. Teragram helps customers perform more efficient searches and better organize information in more than 30 languages, enabling them to reach new markets and make better decisions. Teragram serves customers across the publishing, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, government and financial industries, including AOL, Ariba, Ask Jeeves, Boston.com, CNN, Factiva, FAST Search & Transfer, Forbes.com, InfoSpace, Kofax, NYTimes Digital, OneSource, Reed Business, Ricoh, Sony, Verity, WashingtonPost.com, the World Bank, and Yahoo. Teragram linguistic technologies solutions enable enterprises to manage their information content efficiently:

  • Teragram Direct Answers: the latest innovation in search technology, Direct Answers technology seeks and quickly delivers short, specific answers to informationgathering queries, versus the traditional Website links provided by common keyword searches.
  • Teragram Linguistic Suite enables information retrieval software vendors to expand their solutions to European, Middle Eastern and Asian markets.
  • Teragram Automatic Categorization allows users to organize their content into industry-predefined taxonomy or into categories based on auto-categorization.
  • Teragram Entities and Events Extraction automatically extracts information from documents. It extracts entities (people's names, companies, locations, …) and events to automatically identify relevant information and create documents metadat

For more information fill contact form:
www.teragram.com/info or call
617.576.6800, Ext. 222.
Yves Schabes President

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