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View From The Top: QL2 Software

The data that drives the enterprise often resides in chaotic internal data networks or outside the firewall deep inside web sites. Getting to the good stuff to support your business/competitive intelligence, text analysis, or enterprise search projects is not only difficult, but once you find what you want, it's typically in an unstructured format. In other words, it's not in a nice, neat, manipulate-able data table.

One way to solve this problem is with intelligent software agents that can crawl through these complicated networks and messy data sources to pinpoint and extract the good stuff. Once extracted it can be transformed into the format of your choice for easy analysis and manipulation by a variety of great BI, text analysis and enterprise search tools.

QL2's software tools and solutions create custom intelligent software agents to enable reliable, quick and cost effective unstructured data collection. Built around its core technology, WebQL, these solutions assist 30 of the Fortune 1000 everyday to tackle the data collection piece of complex Knowledge Management applications.

QL2's provides its solutions either as shrink-wrapped software or as an on-line service. For more information visit www.QL2.com. You can download WebQL and try it out for 45 days or request a free proof of concept.
QL2 Software
316 Occidental Ave S.,
Suite 410
Seattle, WA 98104-2874
Phone: 800.750.8830 or 206.443.6836
Fax: 206.269.0694 E-mail: sales@QL2.com
Web: www.ql2.com
Chris Buckingham President and CEO

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