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View From The Top: OneSource Information Services

Delivering Global Business Information

OneSource's commitment is to deliver unparalleled company, executive, and industry intelligence to help business professionals be more effective. OneSource supports vital business processes—serving customers, winning new opportunities, and managing partnerships— by delivering information precisely when and how it is needed. To individuals via the web, in applicationspecific modules, and within CRM systems, portals, and custom applications.

At the heart of OneSource's solutions is the Global Business TaxonomySM, a proprietary classification system that organizes structured and unstructured content within OneSource's Global Business Database of 18 million companies and 20 million executives. Using OneSource's AppLink toolkit, customers link automatically to this vast repository, thereby ensuring continuous access to current information.

Increasingly, customers display OneSource intelligence alongside internal data within Siebel and Salesforce systems, helping sales teams perform more effectively. Other typical deployments include:

  • A global manufacturer automatically populates Strategic Account Profile documents with relevant company information, significantly improving the account planning process.
  • A software company embeds OneSource within a custom analytical application to match internal data with external industry data. Consequently, the company can segment markets more effectively and gain greater insights into its prospects.
  • A commercial bank uses OneSource's web-based solution to assess loan risk by comparing applicant companies to competitors, reducing the research task from two hours per company to under ten minutes.

By delivering high-quality information exactly where it is needed, OneSource is helping customers improve decision-making, build stronger relationships, and generate more profitable revenue. OneSource is an infoUSA company headquartered in Concord, MA.

For more information, visit our website at www.onesource.com
Phil Garlick President

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