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View From The Top: LexisNexis, Lou Andreozzi, President & CEO

LexisNexis® Total Search expands the boundaries of the LexisNexis® Total Research System, making legal professionals more productive and efficient in finding and using relevant internal work product, in their current workflow, for their research and drafting tasks. LexisNexis Total Search now makes it possible to combine searches on lexis.com® and a law firm's internal work product, delivering on-point and useful results for users. This enables legal professionals to find relevant knowledge, such as existing pleadings, deal documents, depositions, memoranda and motions from in-firm experts, as well as trusted information from the LexisNexis® service via the familiar lexis.com user interface. Additionally, LexisNexis Total Search provides intelligent cross-referencing of information that, to-date, has been buried within LexisNexis materials and firm work product.

LexisNexis Total Search enables knowledge sharing, transfer of expertise and improved or new efficiencies in research or drafting tasks, all with the highest level of security and confidence in results. LexisNexis Total Search furthers a law firm's objective of sharing firm expertise and experience throughout the organization. These efficiencies include:

  • Capture and reuse firm work product and best practices

  • Increase productivity by not having to reinvent the wheel for drafting or research tasks

  • Identify and locate expertise on legal, factual or other topics within the firm, assisting with the transfer of skills and know-how among attorneys

  • Provide mentoring and training of junior legal professionals engaged in drafting and research through review and reuse of content in which the firm has confidence

For more information, contact: Joseph Swimmer Director, Product Planning 415/587-0454

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