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View From The Top: LexisNexis

People make critical business decisions every day and need the confidence to know those decisions are based on accurate and reliable information. Organizations rely on LexisNexis every day to access an unmatched collection of authoritative news, business, legal, public records and tax information to get the answers they need.

And you can have those answers delivered the way you want them—in a way that allows you to create new insights and positively impact the way you do business. LexisNexis is known for its Content Integration Solutions, which combine the premium content of its vast information warehouse with leading technology to help you put relevant information in the right context for your employees and site visitors.

LexisNexis® Publisher delivers pre-determined content and alerts directly to the intranet via easy-to-use administrative tools that allow for format flexibility resulting in a truly integrated, relevant rich intra/internet experience for the end user.

LexisNexis®Taxonomy Solutions make searching much more precise and valuable, but it also can be the means to fully integrate both internal and external data making content management system ROI increase significantly and searching much more efficient.

LexisNexis® Web Services Kit™ delivers the content in such a way that it can be molded in the most suitable form for the client resulting in flexible formatting, display and analytics.

LexisNexis® Portal Components enhance the value of a portal by enabling end users to easily and quickly retrieve personal and relevant information to assist in decision making and increase productivity.

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Kurt P. Sanford President & CEO Corporate & Federal Markets

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