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View From The Top: KANA, Chuck Bay, CEO & Chairman

What's next in CRM? As an industry leader, KANA Software Inc. sees Service Resolution Management (SRM) as the next phase in CRM.

Why? Most companies today take a more traditional approach to CRM to manage the least intensive aspects of service and fail to meet customer expectations and demands. To effectively achieve better customer satisfaction, contact centers must move beyond case management to Service Resolution Management.

Leading the SRM revolution, the company recently launched KANA Resolution, the first process-driven customer service solution exclusively focused on resolution within the customer support process. KANA Resolution increases agent productivity and significantly improves the delivery of service. Leveraging knowledge and intelligence to automatically provide agents with the information required to resolve customer requests, the solution increases first call resolution rates and decreases call handling times.

KANA's SRM solutions improve customer satisfaction, reduce service costs, and increase revenues. Its award-winning suite of customer service solutions for assisted, self, and proactive service enables companies to resolve customer requests quickly and accurately across multiple channels. Built on the industry's most advanced Web architecture, KANA's solutions are in use at more than half of the world's largest 100 companies.

For more information, call KANA at 800.737.8738 or email: kmworld@kana.com or visit: www.kana.com.


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