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View From The Top: Intellisophic, Michael Hoey, CEO

Intellisophic is the leading publisher of taxonomic content for use in advanced information intelligence applications. Intellisophic's innovative technology is reshaping one of the hottest topics in information retrieval and knowledge management—taxonomies. Through Intellisophic, enterprises can eliminate the time-intensive and expensive burden of taxonomy development and maintenance.

Experts agree that up to 85% of an enterprise's most valuable data is unstructured: data which is locked in documents, email, web-pages, call center records, CRM sales notes, news feeds, resumes, reports and free-text fields within structured records. Knowledge is the key to understanding. Intellisophic leverages the deep domain knowledge of authoritative, subject specific taxonomies to unlock the information contained in unstructured data.

The ability to understand unstructured data sources is a high priority for applications in knowledge and content management, categorization and classification, search and retrieval, business and customer intelligence, data warehousing, compliance management, electronic discovery, and government intelligence.

Intellisophic has the world's largest collection of pre-built taxonomies on almost any subject area and is unsurpassed for breadth and depth of coverage. Taxonomies can be custom tailored for specialized business applications or packaged by industry for use in:

  • Aerospace and defense;

  • Financial services;

  • General business;

  • Government and politics;

  • Healthcare;

  • Information sciences;

  • Law and crime

  • Manufacturing;

  • Mathematics and science; and

  • Medicine and pharmaceuticals.

Intellisophic's taxonomies are compatible with many of the leading text mining, search and categorization applications. The taxonomies are delivered in XTM, RDF, OWL or custom formats for ease of integration.

For more information about Intellisophic, visit www.intellisophic.com or call 610.251.1077.

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