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View From The Top: Integrify

Integrify Business process management (BPM) solutions have been successful in helping many companies increase the agility and responsiveness of their IT infrastructure and improving the flexibility of their applications and processes to meet new business requirements. Yet many BPM solutions require significant investment in time, money and resources to implement and often require a significant focus on IT infrastructure-related issues.

An alternative is taking a tactical approach to BPM. A common challenge for companies is to quickly and effectively manage specific tasks within their enterprise. Request management is a good example of this type of challenge.

Request management is a category of process management that focuses on automating common requests that exist in corporate departments. While request management can be applied to any department, the departments most often in need of an automated solution are IT, sales and marketing, and finance. Request management focuses on creating a workflow and automated process for traditional manual and paper-based processes. An effective request management system provides the necessary tools to manage and streamline processes and forms while maintaining both flexibility and simplicity.

Integrify™ is based in Chicago, Illinois. Integrify™ is a premier enterprise software provider of process improvement software for managing internal controls, request and authorization management processes and corporate compliance initiatives. The company, which focuses on improving corporate productivity with web-based software and superior service, has created software that enables enterprises to comply with corporate governance, legislation and realize cost savings by optimizing business processes. Customers include GlaxoSmithKline, BP, Northrop Grumman, Northern Natural Gas and Motorola. More information can be found at www.integrify.com
205 N Michigan Ave
#1500 Chicago IL 60601
Phone: (312) 228-4551
Toll-free: +1 (888) 536-9629
Fax: (312) 228-4501
Web: www.integrify.com
David Willsey CEO

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