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View From The Top: Identity Systems

Business success today depends on how efficiently and effectively an organization - whether a commercial entity or a government agency - uses available information. One of the greatest challenges organizations face when trying to gain a strategic advantage from information is dealing with identity data: the information that specifically and accurately identifies a client, a prospect, a supplier, a taxpayer, a criminal suspect. By its very nature, identity data is subject to unavoidable error and variation: phonetic errors, initials, nicknames, translation and transliteration and more.

As more and more businesses discover the ROI of having a 360-degree view of the customer and rely on customer-facing systems, as security considerations impose new restrictions and compliance concerns, the ability to manage identity data becomes a critical business concern. Identity Systems is the pioneer in enabling organizations to build and maintain high-quality identity data search and matching software solutions. Identity Systems develops and markets software products that significantly enhance an organization's ability to search, find, match, and group identity data within its computer systems and network databases.

Whether the application is an on-line inquiry like customer identification, a criminal records search, or deduplicating marketing lists, Identity Systems' software mimics the expert business user in order to find all the candidates that could possibly be the same as each other. Despite the error, variation, and duplication, the technology delivers the highest possible reliability when searching, matching, screening, or grouping data based on names, addresses, descriptions, and other identification data.

For more information, please visit: www.identitysystems.com
Identity Systems
1445 East Putnam Ave,
Old Greenwich, CT 06870,
(203) 698.2399,
Ramesh Menon General Manager

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