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View From The Top: ISYS Search Software, Ian Davies, Founder & Managing Director

Simplifying Enterprise Search

BUYER BEWARE: the second an army of consultants marches into your office is the precise moment a technology's value begins to fly out the window. In the world of enterprise search, some vendors would have you believe that search has to be a six-figure affair marked by lengthy deployment timelines. Nothing could be further from the truth.

ISYS Search Software has been supplying enterprise search tools to businesses and government organizations worldwide for more than 16 years. Dedicated to helping employees find information fast, the suite of ISYS software goes beyond competing solutions by addressing search at its most basic level—the end-user's desktop.

Scalable from a single PC to LANs and all the way up to large corporate networks spanning multiple geographies, ISYS:desktop offers the broadest support for companies of all sizes. What's more, ISYS:desktop can be deployed and working for your organization in a matter of hours, not weeks or months. As the core of the ISYS suite, ISYS:desktop integrates seamlessly with ISYS:web to bring the same benefits to web-based environments, such as corporate intranets or partner portals. Features include:

  • Natural language, Boolean, proximity and metadata query methods to account for differences in how users search for information

  • On-the-fly categorization and results clustering for ease of results navigation

  • Support for more than 30 foreign languages and 140 structured, semi-structured and unstructured file formats

Prove the value of our technology by evaluating it for yourself and join the 11,000 other organizations worldwide that have enjoyed the timesaving benefits of ISYS.

ISYS Search Software Inc.

8775 E Orchard Rd #811

Englewood CO 80111




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