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View From The Top: Global 360

Global 360's Enterprise BPM Suite is the only BPM solution that combines industry-leading analytic and simulation capabilities with a powerful business process management platform. This unique solution provides a round-trip solution that emphasizes optimization of the processes that most directly affect corporate performance goals.

Global 360 provides organizations with a complete view of business processes by leveraging our core technologies- document management, process modeling, analytics, rules management, collaboration applications and application integration. Global 360 brings together all these technology elements into a single platform that manages the lifecycle of a process starting from business goals and definition, through deployment, execution, measurement, change and redeployment.

Global 360 enables customers to improve business performance, and reduce costs within and across functional business units, while maximizing their investments in current and future IT infrastructure. The highly targeted solutions our customers have implemented reflect our deep understanding of their goals and the distinct and unique requirements of their business.

Customers are able to:

  • Achieve an end-to-end view of business processes
  • Monitor all business activityindependent of the system where the events occur
  • Monitor events that occur within an organization's business processes and correlate the relationship between independent or isolated events
  • Increase visibility, control and the ability to react to changes
  • Increase agility by providing early visibility into problems with critical business processes and the ability to alter them

With over 20 years of experience, 2000 customers, and deployments in over 5,000 customer sites worldwide, Global 360 is a proven leader. Organizations like Symetra,Wells Fargo, Adidas and Revlon depend on Global 360 to deliver long-term value and drive bottom-line performance.

For more information about Global 360, visit www.global360.com or call 214-520-1660.
Michael Crosno President

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