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View From The Top: Exact Software North America, James P. Kent Jr., CEO

Delivering Knowledge to the Entire Organization

When looking to implement technologies that optimize efficiency, organizations are faced with the realization that the majority of solutions out there will only solve a percentage of their problems. They may look at the needs of specific departments and solve them with a best-of-breed offering that only benefits a small group of employees within a certain department, who can not share that knowledge with the rest of the organization.

Such solutions only help the organization to a certain extent. With the money that is wasted due to inefficiency, companies must look into implementing one integrated solution that all employees can utilize. On average, workers waste approximately 35-percent of their work-time looking for information. Implementing a single vendor solution that can be spread throughout an organization helps make information easier to store, manage and share. Customers are moving away from point solutions that cause them more integration headaches in the end and are looking for solutions that provide multiple benefits.

Exact Software's philosophy with all of our products is to help our customers enhance operational efficiency. We believe that an employee's access to information is a key factor in achieving greater success. The Exact e-Synergy® solution is a reflection of this philosophy. e-Synergy brings together a suite of "front-office" tools that are driven through workflow and knowledge/document management. CRM, HRM, financial consolidation, logistics, project management, and supply chain management are all components of e-Synergy, giving our customers the complete set of tools they need to operate their businesses, and achieve maximum efficiency.

For more information, please visit www.exactamerica.com or call 1.800.468.0834, Ext. 2650.

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