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View From The Top: Attensity Corporation, Craig D. Norris CEO

In today's competitive business environment, no organization should be making business decisions using only 20% of its data. The reality is, however, that because unstructured text comprises the other 80% of available information, organizations have had no effective way to transform it into an analysis-ready format to power truly informed decision making. Attensity resolves that dilemma.

Attensity Corporation is a leader in advanced text analytic software for commercial enterprises and government agencies. The cornerstone of Attensity Application Suite is its ability to extract valuable pieces of data from free-form text—and fuse them with structured data—to deliver high-value, actionable information. This information helps speed problem identification and resolution and unlocks relationships previously locked in the text, empowering decision makers to effectively address potentially costly—even dangerous—events. The company's patented technology is the first to bridge the gap between human insight and advanced data analysis.

For enterprise customers, Attensity's applications help facilitate continuous product and service quality improvement by detecting and analyzing valuable information hidden among structured and unstructured data sources, such as customer feedback, service records and other sources of text. Government intelligence and homeland security agencies rely on Attensity to help detect and prevent potential threats by structuring and analyzing the vast amounts of text found in written reports, communications and other data feeds. Attensity applications are easy to work with, and integrate quickly with existing systems to leverage current IT investments.

For more information, email info@attensity.com or visit www.attensity.com

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