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View From The Top: Astoria Software, Inc., Thomas Steding, CEO





Enterprises are now acutely aware that accurate, relevant product documentation delivered on time is a critical part of their overall product offering. But for some organizations managing this process efficiently can be a challenging, expensive and even risky concern. Astoria Software is reinventing document publishing in the enterprise. As a leader in XML-based applications for structured content management, we help leading companies publish the world's most complex documents. Encumbered by the constraints of traditional document-centric content systems, our customers in commercial and military aerospace, high technology and medical equipment manufacturing have turned to Astoria to automate the author-to-publish processes of their documents. The result? Improved process efficiency and more reliable control of content.

Astoria applications harness the benefits of XML technology to superbly support the publishing process. To enhance authoring productivity, content components are managed, re-used, and automatically updated. For publishing efficiency, Astoria effortlessly manages multiple document schemas and supports output to multiple delivery channels. For advanced publishing, Astoria's configuration publishing automatically generates customized documents on demand for even the most highly configured products. And to support review and approval cycles, Astoria's component- management ensures only relevant content is routed to a reviewer, with changes tracked over the life of the document. Astoria intelligently orchestrates all of these tasks to deliver a flexible continuous publishing environment. Visit Astoriasoftware.com to see how we've helped The Boeing Company, Texas Instruments, Lockheed Martin, Siemens Medical and others address their most complex document publishing challenges.

Astoria Software

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