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View From The Top: Astoria Software

The content management universe today is a "3-V" world of velocity, volume, and variability. These drivers have significant bottom-line impact for product manufacturers that create, manage and publish product information used across the organization from product engineering, to marketing, sales and customer service & support. Let's explore these content drivers in more detail:

Velocity…The rate of information change requiring content owners to publish new or updated content and deliver it accurately, on-demand to customers is increasing.

Volume…The amount of content created and published is increasing exponentially as a perpetual stream of new products and product derivatives are manufactured and sold.

Variability…The number of product variations or configurations continues to increase, along with the demand for information delivered in varied formats—print and electronic.

The cost of managing product information across the product lifecycle can be overwhelming, and often it is hidden. Add to this the risks of publishing outdated or inaccurate content, and the costs only grow in the form of customer dissatisfaction, attrition, and even litigation.

Astoria's XML content management solutions for Product Information Publishing are developed to support dynamic publishing environments where velocity, volume and variability are the norm. Our solutions orchestrate product information publishing processes across the organization. The benefits? The entire author-to-publish process is streamlined for cost-saving efficiencies, product manufacturing and documentation align for faster time-to-market, and content quality and accuracy improve for reduced liability and increased customer satisfaction. 

Astoria Software
Alan I. Fraser President & CEO 
66 Bovet Road, Suite 280
San Mateo, CA 94402

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