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View From The Top: Appian, Matt Calkin, President & CEO

Appian Enterprise BPM Suite: Aligning business strategy and execution to deliver greater operational control over strategic business processes.

Appian is the industry's first business process management (BPM) company to combine advanced process, knowledge, and analytics capabilities in a fully integrated suite. Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations are using Appian's full-featured, process-centric platform—Appian Enterprise—to deploy powerful business solutions across their entire enterprises.

Enterprise BPM SuitesThe key to successful BPM projects is connecting the right people with the right information, in the right context, in real time so users can make intelligent and informed decisions about their business processes. This requires a comprehensive BPM suite that transcends first generation, pure-play BPM by infusing suite features and enterprise-class capabilities into the basic pure-play BPM stack. BPM "Suite Features" expand typical process functionality by incorporating knowledge-centric, collaborative tools (content and document management) and analytics capabilities (OLAP integration and business activity monitoring). Enterprise BPM suites also include a security and identity management layer that manages access controls and role-based permissions.

"Enterprise-class" capabilities, the architectural elements that allow BPM to span the entire enterprise, require massive scalability and real-time data transfer. Today's enterprise BPM suites must provide enhanced support for service-oriented (SOA) and event-driven architectures (EDA), which accelerate business application development and simplify the modeling and execution of cross-functional processes.

As the industry's only true enterprise-class BPM suite, Appian Enterprise is driving quantifiable improvements in business performance by reaching into existing IT assets, extending those assets by applying knowledge and analytics functionality, and delivering real-time, dashboard-style operational and business metrics.

For more information, please visit www.appiancorp.com or call 703.442.8844.

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