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Trend-Setting Products of 2014: Mindbreeze: InSpire

Understanding your Company Content

Mindbreeze InSpire illuminates your company’s data and makes big data manageable. A pre-configured search appliance box, it is ready to use with minimal effort out of the package. Mindbreeze InSpire’s many areas of use include healthcare, customer service, enterprise, and government. It captures all of a company’s structured and unstructured information, including content related to people, organizations, documents, notes, email, and calendar entries, and creates a search index that is updated automatically. The index’s semantic correlations ensure quick and easy access to the entire database. It thus gives users a thorough overview of a given subject, be it a business case, customer, or product, through semantic analyses, intelligent search queries, and an algorithm to prioritize the search results

Mindbreeze InSpire turns information into inspiration.

Try it out for yourself at www.mindbreeze.com


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