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Trend-Setting Products of 2014: FTI Consulting: Ringtail 8.4

Ringtail® is a complete and easy-to-use e-discovery and document review platform. It combines flexibility, security, and case management capabilities with ?innovative analytics to help you more quickly and accurately find and review documents.

Built in close collaboration with leading law firm and corporate attorneys, Ringtail 8.4 is the only visual predictive coding software for legal review. Ringtail’s predictive coding delivers a unique visual workflow to the process of creating and training a classifier to code large document sets quickly and defensibly. With Ringtail 8.4 you can quickly:

Know What is Ahead: The user interface helps teams quickly determine how many documents will need to be reviewed to achieve the desired rate of recall.

Know Where to Stop: Ringtail dynamically visualizes precision and recall levels so legal teams can quickly align their review goals with the project objectives and budget.

Ringtail 8.4 is available on-demand, on premise and SaaS users. For more information on Ringtail and FTI Technology, please visit www.ftitechnology.com.

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