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Trend-Setting Products of 2012: Noetix Corporation: NoetixViews Workbench

Whether you use NoetixViews today or are considering how NoetixViews fits into your operational reporting strategy, one thing is for certain: out-of-the-box database views will meet many, but not all of your reporting needs. The ability to customize views is a must have.

NoetixViews Workbench empowers users to customize and extend NoetixViews to meet those reporting challenges not met out-of-the-box. It dramatically improves quality, reduces errors, and enhances the productivity of those creating and maintaining customizations.

Major features include the ability to add and modify columns, tables, and a view's where clause, create joins between views, or tune a view for better performance. Users can add custom views and make them truly Noetix-like by including key and descriptive flexfields, joins to other views, essays, and row-level security. Org-anizations can manage customizations through the development to production deployment cycle. NoetixViews Workbench creates a seamless ownership experience by fully integrating all customizations with Noetix Search and Noetix Generator.

About Noetix:
Noetix provides operational reporting and packaged analytics for Oracle Applications. Our patented metadata-driven software and lean architecture deliver the lowest cost BI solution to acquire, implement, and maintain. Noetix eliminates the costly manual mapping efforts required to setup an enterprise reporting environment. Easy search and navigation capability allows users to securely create ad hoc reports and answer their own business questions.

For nearly 20 years, Noetix has helped more than 1,500 industry-leading companies to quickly and cost-effectively access the enterprise application data they need to run and grow their organizations.

Noetix Corporation
5010 148th Avenue NE, Suite 100
Redmond, WA 98052

Phone: 425.372.2699
Toll-Free: 866.4NOETIX
E-mail: salesinfo@noetix.com
Web: http://www.noetix.com/

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