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Trend-Setting Products of 2012: Q-Sensei: Q-Sensei Enterprise

Q-Sensei Enterprise is an award-winning, next-generation enterprise search platform to leverage the wealth of Big Data through an innovative combination of search, discovery, analytics and visualization for efficient and boosted decision-making.

At the heart of Q-Sensei Enterprise is a multi-dimensional indexing engine delivering rich correlations and an organized view of business data along multiple data dimensions.  The engine tackles structured and unstructured data from corporate documents to external social media and news feeds.

Its modular architecture and light footprint make it easy to implement and highly adaptable to changing business needs.  Q-Sensei Enterprise is the first enterprise search platform to offer ontology-driven data processing, providing rapid development and monetization of search-based applications to get the most out of enterprise data.

Q-Sensei Corp.
111 Lawrence Street, 42G
Brooklyn NY 11201

PH: 718.858.1473
Contact: contact@qsensei.com
Web: www.qsensei.com

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