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Trend-Setting Products of 2010
Fabasoft and FTI Technology

Fabasoft: Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise

Know everything. Data becomes knowledge.

Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise covers company-wide heterogeneous document stores and data sources, e-mail systems (IBM Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, etc.), newsfeeds, file systems, data sources (IBM Lotus Domino, Microsoft SharePoint, etc.), document management systems, Intra-/Internet and all kinds of federated sources. It finds every imaginable piece of information within seconds. The user has a comprehensive personalized overview of corporate knowledge without redundancy. Existing user rights and the application context are strictly maintained. Search results are more than a collection of references. Users execute precisely those actions possible with the respective object in the application itself.

Preview available.

Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise can open every form of information object in the custom preview mode. Besides the content in HTML or PDF, this includes the meta data such as author, creation date, subject, and the content (in plain text) of documents.

Fields of application.

  • Centralized search and dashboards for all corporate data
  • Search in line-of-business applications
  • Search in portals and online shops (eCommerce Search)
  • Website search
  • Search-based applications (e.g. Business Intelligence 2.0)
  • eDiscovery

Be informed. Always. Everywhere.

The application Fabasoft Mindbreeze Mobile offers users mobile access to corporate-wide data via smartphones. Every form of information is shown in a preview mode (including meta data or even attachments) independent of the device. You just need a web browser. Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise maintains continuous checks of existing access rights even during mobile information access. Individual adherence to internal restrictions is guaranteed.

Mindbreeze Software GmbH



US Distribution
Fabasoft Corporation

101 Federal Street Suite 1900
Boston, MA 02110

Phone: 617.342.7117
Contact: office@fabasoft.com

Honauerstrasse 4
4020 Linz, Austria

Phone: +43.732.606162-0
Fax: +43.732.606162-609
Contact: Daniel.Fallmann@mindbreeze.com

FTI Technology: Ringtail Analytics

Ringtail® Analytics provides legal teams with powerful data analytics and visual review software to address a wide variety of e-discovery requirements.  Ringtail Analytics is comprised of three powerful components that work together to deliver intelligent, cost-effective strategies for managing the cost and complexity of e-discovery.

Smart Decision identifies significant documents, custodians and timelines based on keywords or metadata to support collection, case assessment, processing, and document review activities.

Concept Mapper groups documents by conceptual similarity to help e-discovery teams assess large document sets and effectively prioritize those documents requiring further legal review.

Document Mapper combines an innovative and easy-to-use user interface with document analytics proven to increase reviewer productivity and drive down e-discovery expenses.

Ringtail Analytics drives cost-effective and repeatable workflows, intelligent decision making, and successful outcomes for your organization. With the scalability and performance to handle massive data sets, Ringtail Analytics enables your organization to:

  • Perform advanced culling and early case analysis quickly
  • Validate the quality and accuracy of keyword search terms
  • Rapidly understand key facts and players during investigations
  • Examine raw data sets to discover critical patterns, terms, and concepts
  • Route high-priority information to subject matter experts
  • Improve document review efficiency and coding accuracy
  • Monitor project progress and trends
  • Send documents to production with greater confidence

FTI Technology
3 Times Square
11th Floor
New York, NY 10036

Phone: 1.866.454.3905
Contact: ftitechsales@fticonsulting.com
Web: www.ftitechnology.com

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