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Trend-Setting Products of 2008:
Clearview, Collexis, Connectbeam, Content Analyst

Clearview Software: Clearview ECM Suite
Clearview delivers a new era of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) with the industry’s first and only SharePoint-based ECM suite. Offering enterprise-class functionality combined with rich user experiences, Clearview is unlike any ECM solution you have seen before. Clearview’s Microsoft-centric architecture uniquely leverages SharePoint’s rich ECM capabilities, then uniquely extends SharePoint with scalable functionality such as Document Imaging, Enterprise Report Management (COLD), Intelligent Content Organization, Compliance Monitoring and Reporting, as well as robust Business Process Management/Workflow.

Clearview 4.1 presents significant enhancements and new features designed for the emerging requirements of business organizations and the general ECM market. With expanded support for highly complex SharePoint implementation configurations, a new AJAX/ASP.NET based web browser client, and a new Microsoft Office Suite plug-in, Clearview 4.1 delivers deeper integration of Clearview content services in combination with Office 2003 and Office 2007 user experiences.

Clearview Software
1660 Opdyke Court, Suite 100
Auburn Hills, MI 48326

Phone: 248.290.0230
Contact: info@clearviewecm.com
Web: www.clearviewecm.com
Collexis: Collexis Search
Collexis Holdings, Inc. (CLXS) is a world leader in the development of semantic search and knowledge discovery software. Collexis search technology builds conceptual profiles of text, called Fingerprints, from documents, websites, e-mails and other digitized content and matches them with a comprehensive list of pre-defined "fingerprinted" concepts to make research results more relevant and efficient. This matching of concepts eliminates the ambiguity and lack of priority often associated with word searches. Collexis can build unique applications to search, index and aggregate information as well as prioritize, trend and predict data based on multiple sources, without the limitations of language or dialect.

Collexis’ current clients include the Mayo Clinic; Johns Hopkins University; the University of California, San Francisco; the University of South Carolina; Erasmus University Library;  Bristol-Myers Squibb; Lockheed Martin; the World Health Organization; Wellcome Trust; the National Institutes of Health; and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Collexis Holdings, Inc
1201 Main Street, Suite 980
Columbia, SC 29201

Phone: 803.727.1113
Fax: 803.727.1118
Contact: info@collexis.com
Web: www.collexis.com

Connectbeam, Inc: Enterprise 2.0
Connectbeam Spotlight Central Tag Repository™
Enterprise 2.0 applications represent a new way of working and are becoming second-nature to all types of professionals. When people work "the Enterprise 2.0 way" volumes of rich, user-generated content is produced along with its underlying "social metadata." Social metadata is valuable because it represents the human assignment of relevance, priority, and context to information.

At the heart of Connectbeam’s Social Software for information access and discovery—Connectbeam Spotlight™, lies an intelligent data repository, the Central Tag Repository (CTR). This repository serves as the hub for capturing and storing tags and related data references and relationships from all applications that separately capture and generate tags.

Connectbeam Spotlight CTR includes out of the box connectors to leading Enterprise 2.0 applications and is able to automatically pull tags from across the entire Enterprise 2.0 ecosystem.

Connectbeam, Inc.
605 Ellis Street, Suite 100
Mountain View, CA 94043

Phone: 650.980.5080
Toll free: 888.977.8880
Fax: 650.249.1656
Contact: sales@connectbeam.com
Web: www.connectbeam.com

Content Analyst: Content Analyst Analytical Technology

Content Analyst Company is a provider of leading edge search and text analytics technology. Content Analyst’s unique engine uses patented mathematics to provide search and categorization for unstructured documents based on concepts—rather than simply keywords—regardless of size, format, or language. The engine also provides automatic classification, clustering, summarization, and language identification.

C.A.A.T.—Content Analyst Analytical Technology—is a software platform that provides all of the advanced features listed above. For software developers, CAAT includes a robust set of API’s that are optimized for Windows services. For end users, CAAT includes a fully-functional user
interface. The speed, ease of use, and ease of integration for CAAT is making it the product of choice in the Government, Document Capture, and Legal markets, where CAAT has been proven to reduce the cost of processing and identifying relevant documents.

Content Analyst
11720 Sunrise Valley Drive
4th Floor
Reston, VA 20191

Phone: 1.888.349.9442
Web: www.contentanalyst.com
Email: info@contentanalyst.com

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