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Trend-Setting Products of 2008:
Astute Solutions, Attivio, Brainware, CaseCentral

Astute Solutions: RealDialog
RealDialog™ is a patented conversational knowledge management and Web self-service solution that answers users’ questions with
unprecedented precision and accuracy. It eliminates the hassle and frustration of searching through long lists of results.

Customers, contact center agents, employees, and partners can ask questions in their "natural" communication style. RealDialog delivers a
precise answer (and/or the specific place in a document or Web page where it resides), or engages the user in a "dialog" to pinpoint their exact needs. By asking questions as appropriate, and responding in a conversational style, RealDialog mimics "live" agent interactions. It "learns" about the user’s needs, while accessing data from other systems to deliver personalized and contextualized responses.

Moreover, RealDialog captures, analyzes and consolidates users’ actual questions, providing unique and actionable insight into the "voice of the customer."

Astute Solutions
2400 Corporate Exchange Drive
Suite 150
Columbus, Ohio 43231

Phone: 614.508.6100
Fax: 614.508.6110
Email: info@astutesolutions.com
Web: www.astutesolutions

Attivio: Active Intelligence Engine (AIE)
Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine™ (AIE) is powering the next generation of information access, integrating enterprise search and business intelligence capabilities through its unique ability to combine structured data and unstructured content in one universal index.

AIE offers the precision of SQL and the fuzziness of search without compromising the richness of either. By enabling automatic updates and alerts in real time, AIE affects business processes when it matters, at the convergence of business decisions and actions.

With a complete view of the information landscape, solutions that include AIE are more relevant, easier to deploy, and enable better business decisions. AIE is easy to install, linearly scalable, and perfect for custom solutions and application embedding.

Attivio, Inc.
246 Walnut St.
Newton, MA 02460
Kirby Lunger, SVP, Sales

Phone: 617.699.9354
E-mail: klunger@attivio.com
Web: www.attivio.com

Brainware, Inc: Globalbrain Enterprise Edition

Globalbrain Enterprise Edition
Brainware’s Intelligent Search and Retrieval solution allows you to find what you need, when and how you need it. Today, you may be using keyword and full-text search engines—negatively impacting your productivity and efficiency. Because these search approaches look for exact matches of query terms, the search process is time-consuming and often yields irrelevant results. And unless the query term is an exact or close match, the document may not be found—compromising accuracy.

Patented Brainware Technology
Our search solution is powered by Brainware, a U.S. and European patented classification and search technology delivering unmatched speed and accuracy.

Powerful Natural Language Queries
Unlike solutions that rely on complex rules or keywords, Globalbrain uses pattern recognition technologies and "fuzzy logic" to accurately return relevant information.

Brainware, Inc.
20110 Ashbrook Place
Suite 150
Ashburn, VA 20147

Phone: 703.948.5800
FAX: 703.948.5887
Contact: info@brainware.com
Web: www.brainware.com

CaseCentral:eDiscovery on Demand
CaseCentral is the leading secure SaaS platform for corporations trying to take control of eDiscovery. CaseCentral enables companies to control the eDiscovery process, while allowing their law firms to contribute project expertise. Using unique, process-monitoring dashboards, customers can gain real-time insight into review rates, quality rates and costs per document by case, firm or user. CaseCentral’s flexible workflow engine establishes efficient, defensible processes across multiple matters and multiple parties. Customers can leverage prior work product and protect documents even after production. Over 25 of the F100 and over 82 of the AmLaw 100 have used the CaseCentral platform to manage eDiscovery, achieving overall savings of 30-60 percent and increasing EPS up to 1.1 percent.

760 Market Street, Suite 200
San Francisco, California 94102

Phone: 415.989.2300
Toll Free: 800.714.2727
Fax: 415.989.2373
Contact: info@casecentral.com
Web: www.casecentral.com

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