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Trend-Setting Products of 2008:
Copyright Clearance Center, Exsys,
Hewlett-Packard, IBM

Copyright Clearance Center: Rightsphere®
Rightsphere® is a powerful rights management system that enables corporations, media companies and other content providers to
organize, consolidate and fully leverage the rights to all their content—purchased and created.

With a single click, corporate employees know if they can share content with co-workers, customers and others. And corporate information managers can use the reporting functions in Rightsphere to manage rights assets and help inform content buying decisions.

Rightsphere helps Media companies and other content providers gain efficiencies in license management and generate revenue by matching licensed uses to new market opportunities.

For more information, visit www.copyright.com/rightsphere

Copyright Clearance Center
222 Rosewood Drive
Danvers, MA 01923

Phone: 978.646.250
Fax: 978.750.4470
Contact: info@copyright.com
Web: www.copyright.com

Exsys Inc: Corvid
Capture the Expertise Exodus

Within 5 years at least 20% of our nation’s aging workforce will be retiring and the loss of expert knowledge due to loss of senior staff is a major problem. To proactively capture their decision-making logic, Exsys Corvid® allows non-programmers to rapidly build systems that fully capture the logic and process your expert’s use to solve problems.

Organizations can now preserve and disseminate their most valuable asset, expert knowledge. Powerful Corvid interactive Web-enabled knowledge automation systems emulate a conversation with an expert providing reasoned, situation-specific recommendations and advice. When the experts are gone, employees can still access their expertise whenever needed. In addition, building knowledge automation systems provides ideal documentation to train replacements, and new logic can easily be added. Details: www.exsys.com/app/capture.html

Exsys Inc.
6301 Indian School Rd. NE
Suite 700
Albuquerque, NM 87110 USA

Phone: +1.505.888.9494
Fax: +1.505.888.9509
Web: www.exsys.com

Hewlett-Packard: HP TRIM
HP is a technology solutions provider. HP information management solutions can help you make better, faster decisions with improved business insight; meet compliance requirements; and reduce the cost of information management. In 2008, HP acquired TOWER Software, a leading document and records management software company, to strengthen its information management portfolio.

HP TRIM software is a document and records management system (DRMS). With tight desktop integration and the ability to scale across large, distributed environments, HP TRIM lets you capture, manage, access and make more secure your enterprise information, from electronic to physical records and from creation to ultimate disposal. Incorporating more than two decades of information management expertise, HP TRIM provides document and records management, SharePoint integration, web content management, imaging, workflow and meeting management to organizations around the world.

6600 Rockledge Drive
Bethesda, MD 20817

PH: 800.255.9914
Contact: hptrim@hp.com
Web: www.hp.com/go/hptrim

IBM OmniFind Enterprise Edition
Organizations have haystacks of unstructured content scattered across managed repositories and unmanaged file and collaboration systems. Finding the "needles in the haystack"—the right information at the right time—helps organizations improve their internal productivity, offer better service at lower cost to customers, and even deliver new insights about the business that can drive significant competitive differentiation or cost savings.

IBM OmniFind Enterprise Edition provides breakthrough enterprise search capabilities to enable improved productivity, maximize existing information assets, and gain new levels of business insight. Built on a flexible, open architecture, it helps you increase the value of your technology investment and is used by companies, educational organizations and governments around the world.

For more information, visit ibm.com/software/data/enterprise-search/omnifind-enterprise

Route 100
Somers, NY 10589

Phone: 800-IBM-4YOU
For more information, contact your IBM representative, IBM Business Partner or visit www.ibm.com

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